Active foam citrus infused-e

Premium Citrus Touchless Car cleaning active foam (quick dry formulation)



Car Wash Touchless active foam

Orbex-NK is a powerful car wash cleaning product that combines

  1. Cleaning power without the need to use any brush, sponge or tunnel
  2. Does not contain any harmful substances that will destroy your cars plastic or car paint
  3. Does not leave any water stains due to water conditioning formula
  4. Provides self drying gloss to your car

How to use: Spray the foam to the surface of your vehicle, focusing on your rims and underside plastic. Using a high pressure water gun, rinse thoroughly the entirety of the car surface. Leave to dry and remove the water from the glass surface. 

Ideal for modern car wash establishments or car enthusiasts, leaving a nice citrus smell to your car. 

Dillute 1-1.5% with water

Active foam for car touchless cleaning for modern car wash Dr.Orfanos Car wash chemical selection chart

Health hazard. If swallowed call a Poison Center

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