truck cleaner

Alcaline, powerfull, active foam for truck cleaning



ORBEX-A is a viscous,opaque yellow,odourless, almost neutral liquid which dissolves easily in water to give an powerfull detergent solution with impressive effectiveness in almost all every day cleaning problems and especially in cleaning easily solid surfaces like truck and personal cars, taints, plastics , dirty floors but also for hand washing cloths of every kind. Its primary components are powerfull dispersants, water softeners, emulsifiers and special surfactants which safely disperse oils and stains of all kinds. ORBEX-A is rust-resistant, foam-controlled and biodegradable , predestined for rejuvenating surfaces and assist in difficult cleaning jobs, particularly in the car, truck, bus,container, wagon train and airplain fields.Dllution 1.5 with water. Dr.Orfanos Car wash chemical selection chart
Health hazard. If swallowed call a Poison Center

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