Analysis of the Ro-Ro / Passenger Ferry Corse cleaning project

As a company, we have research and product development at the heart of our work. As you can read in our article, we have many times been called by industry professionals to provide solutions to their cleaning, protection and coating problems.

The supply of the marine cleaning chemicals of ship's vises, engines, oil tank facilities as well as the special rust removal without sandblasting on the ferry's exterior hull. was done in cooperation with the shipping company of Piraeus GO SHIPPING & MANAGEMENT Inc and  Let's take a closer look at the products we suggested and their uses.

Ship electric generators Cleaning

An application of a normal lectrocleaner is the removal of oils and related contaminants without affecting electrical and electronic circuits, coils and generators. But why did we propose Orper as an electrocleaner? First and most important was the price / quality ratio of how fast and effective the cleaning would would be. Secondly, and important was the degree of evaporation of the cleaner, and thirdly, the need for no residue from the cleaner on the circuits / generators.

Cleaning of main engines and fuel storage

After the meeting with the captain, chief engineer and responsible craftsmen we finalised a list of the type of contamination and the way that  the crew wanted to clean it. It was very important to avoid cleaning solutions using cleaners that are difficult to use (see caustic, strong smell, flammable) so we focused on eco-friendly technology products. We suggested carbon remover solutions that work with spraying-rinse functionality, degreasers that are rust resistant for all metal surfaces with and saponifying cleaners that turn oil residues to a soap form that can be cleaned fast and easy. Finally, we used the flagship of our Orbex products, which is applied to a variety of cleaning applications and in particular to Orbex-N based on the ease of removing accumulated dirt, soil, oil and pollutants from any surface by spraying or soaking and scrubbing. The Orbex detergent line is renowned for the high concentration of active ingredients and various advantages that you can find on our product website.

Removal of non-sandblasting with protection -G

In consultation with the shipowner, we were told the need to repaint certain areas of the ships exterior that were rusty with the known black calamine. The prerequisite was to de-rust the exterior of the ship which was made of iron by using low pressure spray and hard brush. Also in between the de-rusting process and paint, the ship's surface had to remain protected from rust. It is known that when we remove the rust from the iron, we have an interval of minutes until it starts oxidizing again (brown rust). The difficulty of the venture is also that the ship is next to the sea, which accelerates the oxidation to a terrible degree.

Using Orboxan, we were able to easily remove oxidation without affecting the healthy iron surface and at the same time be protected with a temporary primer against oxidation until it is recoated.

Congratulations to Go-Shipping and Management Inc. to undertake a truly magnificent project of rebuilding and upgrading two large ships, strengthening the Greek shipping industry and the Piraeus Shipbuilding Area.

In the article from the archaeological site Arxipelagos you can also see an extensive description of the project undertaken by Go-Shipping and Management Inc.