What are the safe chemical cleaners you need to clean the grease oil and carbon with your ultrasonic machines.


We receive phones from professionals and hobbyists who ask us what to use for cleaning mechanical parts, gasoline and oil injectors, carburetors and other small or large mechanical items.

There are two cases for proper cleaning of the above parts. The first case is without mechanical means (see ultrasonic bath, hot water washing machine, brush). The second case is having alreadypurchased a small or large machine.

1. Let's look at the first case ( engine and parts cleaning without mechanical means)

The first solution is to use the Orbil cleanser-carbon remover . This material is used in an bucket, which means that you immerse your objects for cleaning in the liquid for 10-45 minutes depending on the load of oils, grease and more importantly the carbon on the metal surface. After dipping you rinse with water or air and allow to dry. This removes all kinds of dirt and surface rust from the outside and inside of the metal surface. It does not affect any metal surface and can be used many times until it loses its power. Caution: Remove the rubber and soft rubber parts from the accessory before you dip it.

The second solution for removing oil and grease is Orbirex , which is dilluted with up to 1-2 parts of water and sprayed on the machine or component. Orbirex works comfortably and dissolves oil and grease deposits and then is rinsed easily with water or air. After rinsing Orbirex leaves an anticorrosive protectiond and does not let the metal rust or affect negatively plastics and the O-ring.

2. Cleaning using mechanical means (ultrasonic bath, parts washing machine)

Use of ultrasonic bath : The ideal chemical cleaner for ultrasonic bath cleaning is Orbirex-US . This evoluitionary product is all you need for the cleaning of engines parts, fuel injectors and accessories using ultrasound. It is safe because it does not affect or discolor the plastics, it does not damage the rubber parts and the O-Ring and at the same time cleans and degreases the dirt you encounter in fuel injectors, carburetors, small engine parts, etc. It is odorless and does not spoil or develop fungus over time.

Injection volumetric testing Device : Although no substantial cleaning is being carried out at this stage, we provide the titration fluid replacing the fuel to measure the flow and general condition of the injection. This liquid is called Orbon . It usually accompanies Orbirex-US .

Brush parts cleaning machine: For the brush we have two materials that are suitable and safe. They are not have a longer life span and give more value to your money.

  • Orwis is the most common oil and grease remover for micro-components. It is self-dryign, easy to clean, non-flammable and does not rust the objects. It does not dissolve with water.
  • The second and more powerful that removes and oil, grease and carbon residues is Orbon-I .

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