waterless carwash package

Waterless car wash kit

Dr.Orfanos nano


New and improved Waterless carwash kit for waterless car cleaning

Purchase this package if you are a car enthusiast and want to clean shine and protect your car. Comes with all products and cloth you need!

Dr.Orfanos is a firm that has a strongfoot in chemical research and that is why we have made significant improvement on our waterless carwash system. Improvements on drying time, dilution ratio (1:20 instead of 1:10) and cleaning power of the solution. We displayed some of this formulation recently in Dubai Middle East cleaning week with a very positive feedback. Demo video at https://youtu.be/mz2w_4GUsuw

1kg or Orglis can clean up to 100 cars!

Dr.Orfanos waterless carwash package contains:

  • 1 kg of Orglis: Concentrated Waterless Car Cleaning Formula with Shining and Hydrophobing Properties (1kg) Cleans the glass surfaces as well. Dilution with water 1/20. Produces 10kg of ready to use solution for your car cleaning needs
  • 1 Microfiber cloth : One large top quality (66x40) microfiber cloth for your car cleaning needs. 


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