Electrostatic paint remover

Heavy duty electrostatic paint / varnish / glue stripper (immersion type)



ORFILIN is a two phase transparent,almost odorless fluid consisted from a lower organic phase which does the work and an upper inorganic phase which is of lesser volume and importance acting as stabilizing and sealing unit. ORFILIN reveals best its activity when used for deeping purposes .Items covered by any type and thickness of paint, varnish, wax, tar or (burnt) oil are easily ,thoroughly and quickly cleansed from soot

Find below a demonstration for removing electrostaic paint from a car rim. Dip your object for 30-60' into Orfilin and remove the paint easily with a spatula

Electrostatic paint remover

Health hazard. If swallowed call a Poison Center
Corrosive. Wash thoroughly after handling
Hazardous. Avoid release to the environment

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