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Marble & stone cleaner, sanitizer and rejuvenator



ORBIPAL-2 is a clear,reddish-yellow,foaming liquid with the scent of pine and citrus flowers which immediately forms an emulsion when dissolved in water.It contains a mixture of selected surfactants and other cleaning agents which work together to rejuvenize, shine and disinfect the hard surfaces in home or workplace,easily and completely.This product provides also with extra protection against dirt-treated surfaces look freshly washed even after heavy use. ORBIPAL-2 is used as a general cleaner for everyday use in home or workplace (usually in a dilute solution),as well as in a more concentrated solution (for particularly tough stains). Generally its use is recommended for sanitizing marble, ceramic or stone floors, or surfaces because this material does not affect negatively the relative surfaces.
Health hazard. If swallowed call a Poison Center
Corrosive. Wash thoroughly after handling

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