Remote QA for our client's surface treatment tanks or spraying stations

For our metal industry (steel, aluminium, copper) clients we provide free QA tests for the condition of their bath and spraying chemical solutions. This service aims to keep the quality of our clients manufacturing standards to a top level .


We only need 200-500gr samples from the chemical solution of your production to determine the dillution rate, solution health and respond in paper for the best course of action. This service is free of charge.

We also offer advise on custom degreasing, phosphating and deoxidizing techniques for your industry. 

Our products for the Metal Industry can be found here

Industrial Flooring Solutions (Orepox and Orcoat)

See in the table below what are the advantages of using Our Orepox / Orcoat solutions for industrial flooring in comparison to the most commonly used ones. 

# Name Disadvantages
1 Wood No water and chemical resistance. No pressure and temperature resistance
2 Cement Easy to break, slippery surface
3 Mosaic Easy to break, slippery surface, expensive and no chemical resistance
4 Tiles Easy to break, slippery surface, expensive and no chemical resistance
5 Marble Easy to destroy and stain, no chemical resistance
6 Steel Rust, slippery and is affected by chemicals
7 Asphalt Keeps odours, has no pressure or temperature resistance
8 Orepox / Orcoat  None of the above, easy to apply and medium priced

Orepox is a new epoxy formulated product that enables the user to prepare by himself and without any technical expertise a durable epoxy floor coating in different colors and appearances. So far as the products are characterized by presenting two separate quartz and liquid mixing in a dosage (containing the risk of making mistakes and the results may not be constant). These are now obsolete, we offer only two components which are mixed before use to give an ointment that spreads easily and coagulates in a few hours on a single, beautiful floor.OREPOX is offered in pasty form , and the hardener ORAM in liquid form. The ready mixture is easy to work (flowing comfortable) and the time that is easy to work with is around 2-4 hours (depending on temperature) It can also be cleaned easily with soap and grater. After 18 -24 hours the floor is accesible (and the final strength occur after a few days - so cleaning is achieved only with corrosive materials or ORFANEX ORFILIN).

As regards texture and color, OREPOX circulates in a plurality of strong colors, appearance is available in granular, in a thin and a porcelain form.

You can also use the same material to repair old flooring.  

OREPOX is ideal for create new or repair old flooring 

  • Schools, garage, service shops, car stations 
  • Hotels, restaurants, hospitals, pools, WC, storage spaces
  • Food industry flooring, chemical storage flooring etc

OREPOX is available in a variety of durable glossy or matte colors

Ask for a quotation with the square meters you want to cover and the existing floor type. 


ORCOAT-F30 is a new type of self-leveling and hard opaque resin to facilitate any user to build his own very durable, industrial, very resistant floor coating in any color . This is a two components system mixed before use, to give a viscous liquid that spreads easily and thicken in a few hours on a single, beautiful , durable coating that withstands most durability tests .ORCOAT -F30 is approximately 70 % of the total mix, and the hardener ORAM- F 30 % of total mix). Mixing always occurs shortly before application . For ½ -2 hours ( depending on temperature ) the material can be worked comfortably and easily cleaned with soap and grater , but then gradually hardens so after 18 -24 hours can be walked on ( with final resistances occur after 2-3 days ) . To remove the hardened floor coating, use our product ORFILIN. The average coverage is 6 sqm / Kg ready-mix