Silver, gold, bronze, inox self polishing and cleaning liquid without scrubbing



ORAS is is intended to clean quickly and simultaneously polish gold, silver, copper and bronze surfaces, without any corrosive phenomena. ORAS turns old or used precious metal articles to new (freshen up) and controls deterioration for long time. ORAS is normally used undiluted in a bath, into which the objects (silver, gold, bronze, etc) are immersed for a short period of time. A mixture of articles may safely be treated together. It may also, conveniently, be made use of a brush for treating large or hidden surfaces. ORAS is chiefly intended for gold and silversmiths, but its simplicity of use makes it ideal for domestic use too. Unlike similar products, ORAS does not contain abrasives (and therefore its use is not restricted to open surfaces), in contrary it is a mobile liquid which enters easily everywhere and rejuvenates precious metal all over the place

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Silver and jewelerry cleaning without scrubbing

Health hazard. If swallowed call a Poison Center

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