Fluorescent leak detection powder for filters, oil leaks and general detection with UV lamps



Leak detection powder for use with ultraviolet rays and lamps. Orflox is a blend of synthetic color sensitive to ultraviolet lamps and various other solid auxiliary materials that are stained and deposited on filters for leakage detection. The solid componenets of Orflox are volumetricly graded and with the help of special UV lamps, locate and highlight any leaks in any circuit or filter.

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Χρώματα Ξύλου και Μετάλλου 

Wood and metal Colors

Ral Code Ral Name (Greek) Ral Name (English)
RAL 1013   Oyster white
RAL 1015   Light ivory
RAL 1023   Traffic yellow
RAL 2008   Bright red orange
RAL 3000   Flame red
RAL 3002   Carmine red
RAL 3003   Ruby red
RAL 5010   Gentian blue
RAL 6038   Pure Green
RAL 7035    Light grey
RAL 7040   Window grey
RAL 8014   Sepia brown
RAL 8017   Chocolate brown
RAL 9003   Signal white
RAL 9005   Jet black
RAL 9006   White aluminium

Χρώματα γουναρικής

Fur Colors

Code Color / Χρώμα  
BBX Black Black Extra  
BB Black Black  
DB Dark brown  
BR Brown  
GB Golden Brown  
PB Pastel  
GR Gray  
BLB Blue Black  
RAC Racoon  

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