Transparent antiinflammatory primer and / or paint the wood.



The ORBIFLAM is a transparent and glossy primer / paint and varnish wood -based combustible Acrylic and differs from the usual varnishes several features , the main ones are: 1. Preventing the spread of fire. Take the test paper . Take two strips of paper or cloth and immerse or anoint the first to ORBIFLAM, second any common wood varnish . After firing over time and tie that only the first sample does not ignite , while the other grasps immediately fire. In wood ORBIFLAM dynamically intercepts the transmission of fire, resist to the point of "break " completely thin protective membrane and uncovered or unprotected cellular basis . This is sufficient for many cases. Two . The strength of the sun, the rain and sea air. Three . The good transparency that allows dual coating , and use over painted objects . 4. The odorless, non-combustible property that allows work in confined spaces . 5. Dilution ( little ) water rather than with expensive and dangerous solvents. 6. Working with all known methods ( brush, roller, spray and dip ) . 7. Not fully close the pores of the wood , so "breathe " naturally. 8. Print colorless and transparent / translucent colors. 9. Finally , the important fact is that the ORBIFLAM powerful fungicidal and acaricidal (if entered in the wood as a primer ), and that the colors are mixed with each other at will to achieve specific hues .
Hazardous. Avoid release to the environment

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