Waterborne all metal cutting and grinding lubricant oil



ORBOL is a light viscous, dark green, transparent and fluorescent oil which emulsifies easily in water giving not the well known milky cutting liquid for using in all kind of metal working machines, but an almost transparent one consisting of a dynamic micro emulsion which not only stabilises by further the system, but gives him a much higher penetrating and cooling value, high corrosion and anti microbial protection and therefore offers a much higher standing time then normally expected. ORBOL has the following 10 advantages against the normal emulsifiable oils: 1.It is transparent so you can better follow the work done . 2.The emulsion does not break and separate in two layers. 3.It does not smell either in the morning nor after a prolonged work or stay. 4.Adheres firmly on all the metals lending them a greasy surface layer which is capable of deforming and cooling any object without problems. You now have only one cooling and cutting oil for all uses (from aluminium and bronze, to cast iron and stainless steel). 5.It cools and cuts metals better so you can have higher speeds and yields. 6.It protects machine and production from rust. 7.It keeps the replacement period 4-5 times longer than normal. 8.It has cleaning properties ,does not block filters and does not stain machines and production. 9.It does not harm the human skin and the environment
Health hazard. If swallowed call a Poison Center

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