water car wash spray

Waterless car wash spray with nano hydrophobing properties (spray 500ml)



Orglis is in 500ml ready to use bottles and is used to soften and extract rapidly ( with the aid of micro- fiber towel ) sludges , insects , stains and any dirt from the road surfaces of cars and trucks
The difference with any other type of cleaning is :

1. Environmentally friendly .
2. Does not need rinsing water .
3. Finish quickly and almost inexpensive - whenever you want .
4. Getting glossy surfaces that will not soil easily.
5. Protect surfaces of the car from the sun and rain (Hydrophobing properties)
6. Water resistance in glass surface (Driving in rainy condition)
7. No stains

9. Bubblegum scent (other scents available)

Use Instructions
Sprinkle the liquid onto a part of the car. Using a micro-fiber cloth mop the wet area removing all dirt and dust. Wait for 30-60'' and rewipe the same area with a dry cloth and repeat this process for all the car for maximum gloss. Do not sprinkle the liquid onto all the car at once. Prefer partial cleaning. Cleans and protects all the car areas including glass. 

For interiors you can repeat the same manner .
Consumption is 20gr per average sized car

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