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Up your game with DrOrfanos workshop cleaners: our complete range of products for all needs

Discover the power of DrOrfanos vehicle maintenance products.

At DrOrfanos, we understand that vehicle maintenance and service requires the right tools and products. That’s why we’ve developed a comprehensive line of automotive service solutions that meet the unique needs of professionals and automotive enthusiasts. Let’s take a closer look at some of our outstanding automotive service products:

ORBIL (Product code: 80.10)
ORBIL is a versatile carburetor cleaner designed for immersion use. It is designed to effectively remove stubborn carbon and dirt deposits, ensuring optimum engine performance.

ORBIOL (Product code: 75.20)
ORBIOL is a germicidal soap oil free from harmful microorganisms.

ORBIREX (Product code: 80.50)
Looking for an environmentally friendly low foam engine cleaner? ORBIREX fits the bill perfectly. It effectively cleans your engine components without excessive foaming.

ORBIREX-US (Product code: 80.51)
For ultrasonic cleaning applications, ORBIREX-US is the solution. It is a powerful cleaning and softening fluid designed for use with ultrasonic machines. It does not harm plastics and metal surfaces.

ORGEL500 (Product code: 80.75)

ORGEL is a blue thick cream with a wonderful wildflower fragrance. It contains in its composition sorted pumice and skin-friendly cleaning ingredients which, in combination with anti-allergic skin protectors, leave hands particularly clean and soft with and/or without rinsing. It also works without water tempering hands. In the package you will find 12 pieces of 500ml.

ORBON (Product code: 80.00)
For reliable volumetric testing, ORBON is a safe and effective test liquid.

ORBON-I (Product code: 80.01)
Need a powerful brush cleaner that can remove even the toughest oil and carbon deposits? ORBON-I is your answer.

ORFIL (Product code: 90.51)
Clean your parts easily and with anti-corrosive action with ORFIL, a liquid detergent for machines and parts in washing machine use.

ORFIL-P (Product code: 90.50)
ORFIL-P is a powder detergent specially designed for the renewal of machines and parts for laundry machines.

This is just a small taste of our extensive range of products for car servicing. Whether you are a professional mechanic or a car enthusiast, DrOrfanos has the right solutions to keep your vehicles in top condition. Stay tuned for more updates on our exceptional products and how they can benefit your auto service needs.

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