Waterless carwash

Why is our waterless carwash formula better than steam cleaning?


The Ultimate Showdown: Waterless Car Cleaning vs. Steam Cleaning**


Are you torn between traditional steam cleaning and our cutting-edge waterless car cleaning solution? Let us break it down for you and show you why our Orglis-Lev and Orglis-KAR products are the undeniable winners:


**1. Water-Saving Wonder:** While steam cleaning uses water as its primary cleaning agent, our waterless solution is, well, waterless! Imagine the gallons of water you’ll save with each cleaning session – a real win for the environment and your water bill.


**2. Mobility and Convenience:** Steam cleaning often requires bulky machines, making it inconvenient and unsuitable for on-the-go car cleaning. With our waterless product, you can achieve a stunning shine anytime, anywhere. No cords, no hoses – just effortless car care.


**3. No More Water Marks:** Steam cleaning can leave behind stubborn water marks and streaks on your car’s surface. Our waterless formula ensures a spotless, streak-free finish that will make your car the envy of the neighborhood.


**4. Speedy Results:** Steam cleaning may take longer due to the setup and process, while our waterless solution is quick and efficient. In just minutes, you can transform your car from dull to dazzling without any downtime.


**5. Eco-Friendly Credentials:** We take environmental responsibility seriously. By choosing our waterless car cleaning solution, you actively contribute to water conservation, reducing your ecological impact one sparkling car at a time.


**6. Ideal for All Surfaces:** Steam cleaning may not be suitable for delicate surfaces or sensitive areas like electronic components in your car. Our waterless formula is safe and effective on all surfaces, leaving your car shining inside and out.


**7. More Than Just Cleaning:** Our waterless product not only cleans but also protects your car’s paint from UV rays, pollution, and contaminants. It’s like giving your car a shield against the elements, preserving its beauty for the long haul.


**8. A Budget-Friendly Option:** Investing in a steam cleaning machine can be costly, and the ongoing water consumption adds to the expenses. Our waterless solution offers an affordable and effective alternative that won’t break the bank.


**It’s Time to Choose Wisely:** With the facts laid out, the decision is clear – our Orglis-LEV and Orglis-KAR reigns supreme over steam cleaning.


Say goodbye to water waste, inefficiency, and streaks. Embrace the future of car care with our waterless solution and experience the convenience, cost savings, and brilliance it brings.


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